A Nostalgic Twirl…

I have millions of vivid thoughts, meandering in countless directions, as always, and I quickly hunter down to jot them, before I lose a trail of thought to a new and distinct thought.

Thinking girl

Sometimes, or maybe most of the times, smell of an old book or a familiar perfume, taste of an authentic curry, the sight of an old photograph, instantly ferries you to a fogged re-run of a past episode. The reverberating dialogues, the cavernous echoes of an old song….I so love being Nostalgic!!

I love to plunge into the the recollection of the past. Mostly the childhood days. Mother giving us breakfast and simultaneously packing our lunch box and then plaiting our(my sister’s and my) hair. Her hands not idle for a minute. Waiting in the classroom in a cacophony of hoots and cackles of children, for the punctilious Maths teacher; the screech of chalk, depicting a scary formula on the glass board; the breaking of silence into a growing clamour as soon as the teacher would step out of the class; ringing of bell, cuing the lunch break.

Of all the memories that I rejoice, the most deeply etched one in my mind is the sight of my mother, from a distance, eagerly waiting at the door to receive us and we hugging her and catching a whiff of her floral talc. A few more are, we watching 'Wonder Years' after lunch and switching of the TV and scurrying to the study room to pretend studying, upon hearing father's car at the driveway, makes me chuckle even today after two decades.

Many people believe that being Nostalgic or living in the past stops your evolution process and takes up a lot of your time and energy which should be actually put to the present. Spiritualists and Psychologists suggest that one should avoid being in the past because it makes you depressed.

But if it were not for these wistful thoughts, won't we be more impersonal? Yes, a lot efficient, but impersonal!!

Without Nostalgia would the lyrics be as poignant? Would a particular tune stir the same desired effects? Would a musical note sway you to the depth of a certain thought?

Without Nostalgia the poets, the writers and the authors would have never touched our hearts!

There would be no movie-making!

There would be no photo albums!

…And this world will continue to exist as a robotic cosmos….indifferent to memories!


One thought on “A Nostalgic Twirl…

  1. Superb !!! Yes Nostalgia does takes you deep down the memory lane .refreshing your gone moments …Infact sometimes being nostalgic makes you laugh and smile over those moments which u would want back all over again .

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